My Top Two (Part 1)

During one of our weekly management meetings’ chikahan/hotseat portion (which is usually at the tail end of the meetings when all the serious stuff have been discussed, poked, answered or delegated), we had this who’s-your-top-two-in-the-process question. It elicited a lot of laughs, some surprises, kiligs and revelations. Of course I won’t go Bvlgari on this (that’s what we call those who snitch on our hotseat sessions’ discussions) but it got me thinking on what would be my top two on  a lot of things.

So these are all random stuff that juts popped into my head and answered with not much thought, haha! But I’m sober I promise, just bored. 🙂

My Top Two…

… commuter pet peeves. Of course, traffic jams! Nobody likes being stuck in traffic anywhere. And sleepy seatmates whose heads keep bobbing up and down, up and down and would finally settle on my shoulder. Urgh! I usually make sudden, jerky movements to rose them awake. Get a pillow! Get a room! Or simply just lean on the window or whatever’s on the other side, please?

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… make up items I can’t leave the house without: cheek tint (personal fave is Bench’s or In2It 8-Hour Wear) and tinted lip balm (Chapstick and Maybelline Baby Lips are okay but I’m so inlve with Human Nature’s minty summery shimmery organic lip balms).


… tear-jerker movies. Wow this is tough because heck, I cry at songs, books, even random quotes! But okay: One More Chance (who wouldn’t cry when Popoy tells his suicidal friend, tears, not and all, “Minsan kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga taong mahal natin, kasi may darating na mas okay… yung magtatama ng mga mali sa buhay natin” or something to that effect, para hindi halatang saulado ko ang lines!) and A Walk To Remember.  Cried over the book too. That Nicholas Sparks is such a wiz at making even sensible, rational people (not me) bawl like a hungry baby at a drop of a hat (that’s me). When Shane West read the ever-famous 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 verses to Mandy Moore while she was on the hospital bed… Waaaah!



… cop-out lines from guys.“I’m not ready for a relationship.” Don’t get me wrong: I truly believe if said honestly and with utmost sincerity and respect – not to mention timed perfectly at the very start of any promising friendship/relationship – this would be entirely truthful and responsible. But if the guys says this after stringing a girl along for months and then after saying this jumps into another relationship shortly after… Well.  Another one is: “I need space.” Go take a space shuttle. Or stand in the middle of a corn field. That space enough?

… videoke piyesa. “Stop” by Spice Girls because I can’t sing this and not dance, and the others (especially my ka-generation, nyaha!) can’t listen to this and not jump up and dance. And anything by Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys because 90’s pop never goes out of videoke-style.

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… no-fail OOTD. First, a long, fitted shirt (not a fan of baggy or mini-shirts), skinny jeans and flats or sneaks – comfort all the way. Perfect for long commutes, rainy days or any other lakad. Next would be a mini-dress (mostly floral or printed) with flats, heels or wedge depending on my mood. This is for when I want to feel all girly and too lazy to try to pair up a top and bottom.



… drinks. Green mango shake, always my first choice anytime, anywhere. And rootbeer, preferably ice cold and smothered with ice cubes. Yung tipong pag ininom ko maluluha ako sa fizz and coldness.

… chores I hate: magligpit ng pinagkainan (bussing and scraping leftovers and stacking them dirty wares in the sink) and ironing (I get bored plus I don’t have the patience to wait a while after ironing before washing my hands, hence, pasma. Yes, I’m a staunch believer of pasma even if I don’t know what it is in English and whether it’s scientifically proven. Just hold my pawisang kamay and you’ll know).


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… TV shows. “How I Met Your Mother” because while I love Barney’s wise cracks, I actually see some of myself in Ted’s seemingly unending quest to find The One. I also absolutely loved CSI (Las Vegas) before Warrick (the black guy) died and Grissom left. After that, I was like, meh.

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… frustrations. Singing and dancing. Watch me “perform” my top two videoke piyesa and you will see why. Cringing not encouraged but highly probable.


… Bible verses. A lot! But two very close to my heart is first, James 4:8, which just really spoke to me when I first started my walk with God. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” The other one is from 1 Corinthians 13:6. I got this from a wise and godly man. How would you know you truly love a person? Ask yourself if you make each other better people. “Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth.”

… vacation destinations. Hands-down winner; the BEACH! Any beach but preferably peaceful, clean and very naturey resorts. Not really into crowded beaches with too much music or clubs or activities. Runner up is: my bed, in front of the TV and DVD player, a stack of movies or TV series DVDs and bags of groceries. I could stay there for days.


Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with more soon but it’s a school/work night so have some stuff I need to prepare. Like right now my daughter is going around in circles trying to find her sewing kit. Later!

P.S. Some pics grabbed from the Web. No copyright infringement intended, okay? Thanks! 🙂

No More What If’s

The movie One More Chance is famous for its quotable quotes. We all know that you-had-me-at-my-best tearjerker, for instance. But a while ago, when I caught the film for the nth time at Cinema One, one of Basha’s lines earlier in the movie  caught my fancy (it’s not verbatim because I forgot to take it down and Google just spewed off the usual lines):

“I don’t want to keep wondering what if; I want to know what is.”
Ganda. I’m sure anyone who’s ever yearned about stepping out of their comfort zone, of wanting change in their lives, has uttered this line or some variation of it. 
Yeah, some changes are inevitable: puberty, hormones, wrinkles, getting older, death. Those are the inescapable changes life bring. But there are those kinds that actually require effort from us. Loving someone, following our dreams, turning a new leaf, forgiving someone, moving on – these require actions and decisions. More often than not, these aren’t just results of our circumstances. It’s a will issue. We know what to do or where we’re going, but it’s still our decision if we will go through it.So says Michael Jackson, if we want change, we gotta start with the man (or woman) in the mirror. 
At times we resort to using excuses to mask our fears, insecurities or inabilities. We say we’re not ready when we’re just afraid. We use the cliche we don’t have the time because whatever or whoever it was that was asking for our time and attention just isn’t important enough to us. It’s not a matter of having time; it’s about making the time. If it matters to us, we’ll definitely make time. If not, then we’re just playing until it starts getting too much of a responsibility and then we drop it just like that. 
Again, it’s a decision. For instance, love. Loving someone is a decision, and you know what, so is moving on. Yeah, we might just wake up one morning and realize all the feeling is gone, but we actually decided beforehand to get to that point.
While some of us are innately brave, for some, it takes additional effort to muster the guts. So if it’s asking too much for courage, then at least have respect. Respect yourself and the people around you. Sometimes playing too safe to avoid pain or hurting others can actually backfire; we end up hurting even more, and betraying the trust of those we care about.
I’m all for being cautious in decisions and guarding our hearts as well. But I also believe that sometimes, our well-laid plans get disrupted for good reasons. God is aligning our lives with His will, and it’s all for the best. But following God’s will doesn’t give us license to hurt others or act like jerks. Instead, this knowledge should make us more humble, give us the confidence to be honest and trustworthy.
I once heard it said that the worst feeling in the world is that never-ending barrage of what-if’s: regret. So yeah, maybe it’s about time we start focusing on what is and what will be instead of the what if’s that we can’t bring back, yes?