Grey Area

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I haven’t watched any episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s new season (the ninth?). I think the last I watched was when their plane crashed and little Grey (Lexi) died. I liked her so them killing her character off was a bummer. Now I just have Yang. And yeah, okay,  Avery’s piercing eyes.

Anyway, I just thought of that because I was actually starting on an entirely different post when I suddenly remembered one of my favorite lines from the hundreds of really good Grey’s quotes.

I’m not sure if it’s in the second or third season, but it was when Meredith and Derek broke up because Addison, Derek’s wife -whom Mer didn’t have any idea existed, not knowing her hunky attending surgeon is already married – suddenly appeared in Seattle Grace at the end of the previous season.

So, Mer was feeling all hurt and messed up because one, Derek was not honest about his real status, and two, Mer looked like a dirty little homewrecker, never mind that Derek actually left Addie in NYC because she cheated on him with his best friend (yes, that McSteamy but he will appear later in the season pa).

Mer naturally went into a rebound-dating spree and of course, Derek found out about it and confronted her.

While I may not agree with Mer’s methods (a long time ago, I admit I resorted to that too – with predictably disastrous and painful results), her words to Derek stuck to me ever since.

“No,” she told him after Derek seemed to be on the verge of calling her the W-word. “You don’t get to judge me on how I chose to fix something that you broke.”

Ooh. Relate much?