Fast and the Furious spoiler… NOT!

Put down the spear, guys. As the title says, I’m not here to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen Fast and Furious 6 yet. I watched it during the opening last Friday just because me and my girl friends wanted some bonding time and Paul Walker’s baby blues was just a teensy bit incentive. 😀

It just irked me a bit that when I went through my Facebook news feed, there were already people posting exactly how the movie ended. Guys, please! Nobody’s denying you of your precious right to see the movie ahead of everyone, but have the decency and courtesy not to ruin it for those who haven’t watched it yet. No harm posting that the movie was great and had an amazing twist (after all, the franchise is now known for its pagulat endings and Marvel-ish after credits scene). Wag basag-trip. Yeah I know that there are already critics’ review of the movie but then that your choice to read them. I hope the next time a movie you’ve waited for so long to see comes out of the theater and somebody catches it ahead of you, they won’t post the ending on your timeline.  It’s like when some wise guy told me the ending of “The Sixth Sense” before I’d seen it, I wanted to utter the kid’s famous line to that person and add, “That’s because you’re next!”

Anyway, whtat’s done is done so for those who have already seen the latest adventure of Dom and Brian’s car-racing, heist-pulling crew (and knows what’s coming next), please keep it to yourself.

On a lighter note, I did enjoy the movie, as well as the last two installments that came before it. Fast and furious 4 is deemed as the true spiritual sequel to the first movie since 2Fast 2Furious and Tokyo Drift kinda veered away from the original storyline. But I’m sure the writers had and will be able to sew it up all perfectly well once they decide to make the final movie to end the franchise with a bang. I hope the 7th won’t be it, but if it is, hope they end it well.

I’m no movie critic and yes, I’m guilty of enjoying popcorn movies like these, the kind that don’t allow me to think a lot, just a plain, enjoyable assault of my senses for the next hour-and-a-half-hour or so. But I did enjoy “Inception” too, although I had to watch it with subtitles to really get it, haha! Fast and Furious 6 won’t win any Oscar for its brilliant screenplay or deep acting, but it did deliver on it’s promise of pure entertainment for those who enjoy its kind.

My favorite in the franchise thus far is Fast 5 because I liked how they all brought the characters together (especially Han from Tokyo Drift, yihee!). Plus, I was skeptical at first at The Rock’s participation, but he actually provided a fresh humor in the cast. His scenes with Vin Diesel were always a thrill to watch, and they continue this chemistry in the sixth movie. The banter amongst the cast is also smoother and funnier.


However, my favorite line in all of them was in Fast and Furious 4. It was between Mia and Brian, at the diner where Brian takes Mia after seeing her being interrogated by Siasak (the unfortunate guy he keeps breaking the nose). It was the first time they’ve seen each other in five years.


Brian admits, “I lied to you. I lied to Dom, I lied to everybody. That’s what I do best. That’s why the Feds recruited me.”

Mia says, “Maybe you’re lying to yourself. Maybe you’re not the good guys pretending to be a bad guy. Maybe you’re the bad guy pretending to be the good guy. Did you ever think about that?”

To which Brian replied, “Everyday.”

O, diba?

So now, go see fast and Furious 6! (I’ll add some related articles later because the few I’ve seen might spoil it for you. Don’t read reviews until you’ve seen the movie.)