Kinda Like a Double-edged Sword

We all have at least one quality that is both our strength and weakness. The very same thing that sets us apart and above others can very well be the same that can hold us back or bring us down. I guess it just depends on how we use it.

Take me, for instance. On one hand, I’m called a “people person.,” able to get along and empathize with almost any kind of people. Hindi ako choosy sa kaibigan. I may not be the type to suffer polite, small talk, but that’s because I like to dive right into a juicy, get-to-know-you kind of chikahan. Call it FC (“feeling close”), but hey, it works for me. On the other hand, I’m also inclined to become fiercely attached, often wearing my heart on my sleeve. I love a good laugh about things I’m passionate about, and a good cry over people I value.

Someone recently told me, “Masyado ka nang nagiging emotionally dependent.” I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it as a compliment, because the way he said it made me feel like I had to apologize. How do you say sorry for feeling?

Strength. Weakness. Again, it depends on how I use it. Or how others use it against me. My mentor once imparted to me, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” And as if to prove his point, he went right ahead and traipsed off outside our comfortable seven-year bubble and into the busy jungle of Makati.

Our comfort zones can be an actual place we can’t leave, a situation we’re getting stagnant at, a routine we’re so used to we can’t let it go, or the very people who have surrounded us for so long we have taken them for granted. Oftentimes, comfort and familiarity can breed laziness, and change may just be what can zap us back into action.

I just have to always keep in mind to trust in the Lord Jesus; He who is far greater, perfect, faithful and glorious than all my emotions and plans, capabilities and struggles put together.

P.S. I was about to post this when all my anaks‘ text messages came in, one sweet, encouraging text after another. I love you all back. 🙂

P.P.S. We’ll resume our regular programming by next week. In the meantime….. vacation-mode munaaaaaaa! 🙂