A Big THANK YOU From Ze Birthday Girl

I didn’t want to eat up a huge chunk of your news feed to post a mile-long status so I figured I’d put it here instead. Hope you take a couple minutes to read through.

I just want to express my sincerest, most love-filled gratitude for everyone who took the time to greet me through  Facebook/IG, text messages, Viber, photos and collages.

I promise you, I was either grinning from ear to ear each time my phone would beep with a new notification, or I would tear up because I was so touched by your words and effort. Secondary love language ko kasi ang words of affirmation, so your words and expressions really meant a lot. Whether you really know my birthday or you just saw one of my posts of FB reminded you, I truly appreciate you taking the time to greet me. God bless and keep you all, my loves!

Birthdays, while joyous occasions, can also cause the celebrant the tendency to wax nostalgic and sentimental about getting older. I like to think we all grow just a tad bit wiser as we age, and I like to think that I did.

If there’s one thing the previous year really taught me was to love myself first. Three, four years ago, a lot of my self-value was still hinged on other people’s opinions. Even if outside I was all putting up a strong, take-no-bullshit facade, inside, I was still a bit of that lost girl, craving attention, craving acceptance.

I spent a big part of 2014 just getting to know myself more. I relished my solitude. I spent a lot of time in recluse, foregoing a lot of activities to stay in at home, do stuff by myself, at times almost to the point of appearing anti-social. I learned more and more not to be scared of being alone. I was alone, but I wasn’t lonely.  While I had the love of my family and friends and God, I realized that my happiness does not rest solely on other people. They can’t make me happy if I wasn’t happy with myself.

As I celebrate another banner year and enter 2015, I’m not going to make any fantastic resolutions or promise to undergo any drastic changes. My only goal is to make everyday just a wee bit better than the last. As my FB cover photo says, in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. I’m sure 2015 won’t be perfect and I’ll probably do some more blunders, but well, those things come with the territory, right? They come with taking risks. And I can only pray that whatever outcome those choices bring, they’ll make me tougher than I already am.

So, cheers to my 32nd and God give me strength to face the work week again! 🙂


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