Tamarind Turbo Chicken

Next to the microwave, the turbo broiler is one of our favorite kitchen contraption. These days though, we use it mostly to cook chicken. Over the years, my parents have experimented all sorts of marinate and coating for grilling chicken – soy sauce, calamansi, salt and pepper, Maggi Magic Sarap granules.

Not sure if it was my mom or brother-in-law who started using tamarind soup base, but after that, there was no turning back. It was a turboed-chicken staple and once served, the chicken skin was always the first one to disappear in minutes!

So I’ll share this little family secret (though others may have been using it). Since when I mentioned cooking chicken this way, lots of people were skeptical and thought it would taste too sour. It won’t I promise! 🙂


So, all you need is one good-sized, whole chicken, thawed and drained well. Mix a pack of sinigang mix on a saucer with a little salt and ground pepper. You can add a little chili powder for some kick, and Magic Sarap for variety, but the tamarind soup base is the main event. Mix it well and coat the whole chicken with the powder, paying special attention to the skin’s folds and crevices.

Next, chop lots of garlic and ginger and stuff it inside the chicken. Get several stalks of fresh lemon grass (tanglad), bending and crushing the middle stem a bit to release the scent and flavor. Then just tie it in a ball and stuff it in Mr. Chickee as well. Cook each side around 30 minutes each in about 250-300 degrees.

And voila! Crispy, tasty skin and moist meat. Best served with Mang Tomas sauce and fresh vegetable salad!

Actually, this was supposed to be our lunch but nagkatamaran magluto, so it’ll be dinner instead. Now really hungry and waiting for the KFC delivery guy, which explains why I had time to write this down, hehe. It’s gonna be a chicken Sunday.


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