Saved For A Purpose

Held captive in a crude cave by his nation’s enemies, injured by the very weapons his genius created, his chest strapped into a car battery and death a very close possibility, Tony Stark finally realized what kind of legacy he wanted to leave behind. More than being a billionaire, genius, playboy or philanthropist. More than “The Merchant of Death.” So he became Iron Man. He beat the crap out of scheming Obadiah and his giant suit copy, a Russian  Mickey Rourke and his army of drones, blew up the Chitauri army by personally hand delivering a nuke and then a fiery-hot, genetically-modified nemesis from his long-forgotten past. Not bad.


I loved Glee’s first season. The original cast’s rendition “Don’t Stop Believing” while wearing all red shirt and Sue Sylvester glaring down on them will always be one of my go-to songs when I’m down. Finn the quarterback’s standing up to ridicule to join the glee club was especially admirable. He followed his heart and stood by the other members who were depending on him. He was the loveable, goofy, imperfect character who sang well but sucked at dancing.  Stopped watching Glee somewhere in the middle of the second season, but in my mind Finn (played by Cory Monteith) will always be that sweet, likeable jock with a soft spot for misfits and outcast in us. Couple of hours ago, I heard the news that Cory was found dead at his hotel room. Some speculation point to drug overdose. Such a shame.


Last week we were asked, what are we doing to ensure that we bring up a God-loving, Christ-filled next generation? The youth is the future – our future. We’re raising future leaders, statesmen, teachers, politicians, businessmen and parents. Our prayer now is to have the courage to stand up for the next generation. As a parent, I realize that part of God’s calling for me is to raise my daughter to know God, to have a personal relationship with Him. Jesus didn’t stop at saving me – he didn’t stop at just saving us. Otherwise, as our pastor said in jest, “E di sana pag-ka-save satin ni Lord kinuha na niya tayo.” It’s not just about going to heaven.

We are still on earth because we still have a purpose. When Tony Stark thanked the dying Yinsen for saving him (he was the guy who made the electromagnet to keep the shrapnel from reaching Tony’s heart), Yinsen said, “Don’t waste your life.”

We were saved for something. Whether you already know what for (me at times) or is still searching and praying for it (still me at other times!), God will reveal it to us in His perfect timing. We just got to have faith and trust and ask Him for the courage. Where we at right now is exactly where God wants us to be and be instruments of His great plan for us. Let’s not waste our time and efforts. Let’s not waste our lives. Because when our time is up, we gotta ask ourselves, what kind of legacy do we want to leave?

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom… Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” ~Psalm 90: 12, 14

My Top Two (Part 1)

During one of our weekly management meetings’ chikahan/hotseat portion (which is usually at the tail end of the meetings when all the serious stuff have been discussed, poked, answered or delegated), we had this who’s-your-top-two-in-the-process question. It elicited a lot of laughs, some surprises, kiligs and revelations. Of course I won’t go Bvlgari on this (that’s what we call those who snitch on our hotseat sessions’ discussions) but it got me thinking on what would be my top two on  a lot of things.

So these are all random stuff that juts popped into my head and answered with not much thought, haha! But I’m sober I promise, just bored. 🙂

My Top Two…

… commuter pet peeves. Of course, traffic jams! Nobody likes being stuck in traffic anywhere. And sleepy seatmates whose heads keep bobbing up and down, up and down and would finally settle on my shoulder. Urgh! I usually make sudden, jerky movements to rose them awake. Get a pillow! Get a room! Or simply just lean on the window or whatever’s on the other side, please?

images (7)

… make up items I can’t leave the house without: cheek tint (personal fave is Bench’s or In2It 8-Hour Wear) and tinted lip balm (Chapstick and Maybelline Baby Lips are okay but I’m so inlve with Human Nature’s minty summery shimmery organic lip balms).


… tear-jerker movies. Wow this is tough because heck, I cry at songs, books, even random quotes! But okay: One More Chance (who wouldn’t cry when Popoy tells his suicidal friend, tears, not and all, “Minsan kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga taong mahal natin, kasi may darating na mas okay… yung magtatama ng mga mali sa buhay natin” or something to that effect, para hindi halatang saulado ko ang lines!) and A Walk To Remember.  Cried over the book too. That Nicholas Sparks is such a wiz at making even sensible, rational people (not me) bawl like a hungry baby at a drop of a hat (that’s me). When Shane West read the ever-famous 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 verses to Mandy Moore while she was on the hospital bed… Waaaah!



… cop-out lines from guys.“I’m not ready for a relationship.” Don’t get me wrong: I truly believe if said honestly and with utmost sincerity and respect – not to mention timed perfectly at the very start of any promising friendship/relationship – this would be entirely truthful and responsible. But if the guys says this after stringing a girl along for months and then after saying this jumps into another relationship shortly after… Well.  Another one is: “I need space.” Go take a space shuttle. Or stand in the middle of a corn field. That space enough?

… videoke piyesa. “Stop” by Spice Girls because I can’t sing this and not dance, and the others (especially my ka-generation, nyaha!) can’t listen to this and not jump up and dance. And anything by Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys because 90’s pop never goes out of videoke-style.

images (3)images (2)

… no-fail OOTD. First, a long, fitted shirt (not a fan of baggy or mini-shirts), skinny jeans and flats or sneaks – comfort all the way. Perfect for long commutes, rainy days or any other lakad. Next would be a mini-dress (mostly floral or printed) with flats, heels or wedge depending on my mood. This is for when I want to feel all girly and too lazy to try to pair up a top and bottom.



… drinks. Green mango shake, always my first choice anytime, anywhere. And rootbeer, preferably ice cold and smothered with ice cubes. Yung tipong pag ininom ko maluluha ako sa fizz and coldness.

… chores I hate: magligpit ng pinagkainan (bussing and scraping leftovers and stacking them dirty wares in the sink) and ironing (I get bored plus I don’t have the patience to wait a while after ironing before washing my hands, hence, pasma. Yes, I’m a staunch believer of pasma even if I don’t know what it is in English and whether it’s scientifically proven. Just hold my pawisang kamay and you’ll know).


images (4)

… TV shows. “How I Met Your Mother” because while I love Barney’s wise cracks, I actually see some of myself in Ted’s seemingly unending quest to find The One. I also absolutely loved CSI (Las Vegas) before Warrick (the black guy) died and Grissom left. After that, I was like, meh.

images (5) images (6)

… frustrations. Singing and dancing. Watch me “perform” my top two videoke piyesa and you will see why. Cringing not encouraged but highly probable.


… Bible verses. A lot! But two very close to my heart is first, James 4:8, which just really spoke to me when I first started my walk with God. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” The other one is from 1 Corinthians 13:6. I got this from a wise and godly man. How would you know you truly love a person? Ask yourself if you make each other better people. “Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth.”

… vacation destinations. Hands-down winner; the BEACH! Any beach but preferably peaceful, clean and very naturey resorts. Not really into crowded beaches with too much music or clubs or activities. Runner up is: my bed, in front of the TV and DVD player, a stack of movies or TV series DVDs and bags of groceries. I could stay there for days.


Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with more soon but it’s a school/work night so have some stuff I need to prepare. Like right now my daughter is going around in circles trying to find her sewing kit. Later!

P.S. Some pics grabbed from the Web. No copyright infringement intended, okay? Thanks! 🙂

Oh Sabado Nights

Like everybody else, I love the weekends. I spent five years doing the night shift with weekdays off so when I finally got the day shift with Saturday-Sunday off three years ago, I never wanted to leave. I especially like Saturday nights.

I would either have overtime work on Saturday mornings or be busy with chores and errands, but once the afternoon and early eve rolls in, ahh, this is the life. I can finally just relax, put up my feet and stay up late and not have to worry about the alarm going off at 4:30 AM. Usually, the house is quieter on nights like these, with less people being in the house, and nobody’s running around in a rush, like during weekdays.

Take today for instance. I didn’t have work in the morning. After finishing my chores in the morning, my daughter and I went out in the afternoon so she could get a haircut, then stopped by the grocery real quick for some chichirya shopping. We rented some videos then went back home, where I spent the next few hours watching Ocean’s 13 and Not Easily Broken (the latter being a really nice, heartwarming story about a couple’s struggles to save their marriage amidst life’s trials). Later, Ging would have her turn on the DVD player. Now I’m just lounging on the couch, browsing through FB, already full from dinner and feeling a bit drowsy after my bath – all at just a little over 9PM!


I remember my Saturday nights a couple years ago. Or I barely do actually, probably because I was always tipsy or drunk then. Ugh. The morning after hangover was the pits, but the memories of whatever stupid stunt I pulled the night before was even worse. Ina Raymundo can have her Sabado nights like that back.

But i haven’t totally turned into a total hermit. Just last week I partied with my department and the other site’s collections processes in a Quezon city bar. Signal number two was raging in most parts of the country, including the Metro, but inside Locale, we were partying up our own storm. People were in a dancing mood, awards and recognitions were pouring in, new friendships forming, food, drinks and pictures abounded, the music was great. I actually didn’t realize there was a storm until I got home the next day.


But tonight, after a pretty hectic work week filled with meetings, write ups, coachings, turn-over of work, saying goodbye for now to a good friend and mentor, crazy crazy traffic, fast food snack times and cupcake tambay and team lunches and dinners, I’m glad to just play the I’m-too-old-for-that-shiz card and vegetate in bed in 5… 4… 3…