We’re The Lost Sheep

I’m feeling kinda ambivalent in the last couple of weeks. I’m usually okay, then I’d get sucked into sudden bursts of being down, then I’d snap out of it, then I’d drift into it again unexpectedly. Sometimes, the intensity of it catches me off guard. I’d pray and ask God, this too, shall pass… right? 

Read a recent post on blog I’m following, and I was really encouraged. I remembered the parable of the lost sheep when I read it. When a sheep wanders off from its flock, the shepherd will leave the rest in search of the lost one. She tells that to keep the sheep from wandering off again, the shepherd will break one of its legs so that the sheep may lie still and finally find peace where he’s at. Otherwise, it will keep straying off and get lost forever. That’s when a shepherd would make sheep “lie in green pastures.” Break a leg, literally? Ouch. But believe it or not, it has happened to us many times.
I liked how she compared that to God – our own shepherd. Isn’t God in perpetual search for us lost sheep who had gone astray? And when we insist on going on our own way, disobeying Him and ignoring His will, doesn’t God allow us to get broken, so we can be stronger and wiser, learn harder and finally seek Him and return to Him? Because only through God can we find that elusive peace. Only through Jesus can we finally rest all our sins, worries and fears.
*Photo from lyndasgrainsofsand.blogspot.com. No copyright infringement intended.

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